Similar to battens, but fixed to the bottom chord, to which the ceiling is nailed.
Nearly all waterproofing systems need protection against the effects of ultraviolet rays in sunlight and weather conditions. Where the roof […]
A synthetic latex additive for cement and mortar mixtures are used. Cementitious waterproofing systems rely on a acrylic or latex […]
Heat Fused Torch-On consists of modified bitumen. As long as it is installed by a competent person, this waterproofing system […]
Membranes based on acrylic polymer binders reinforced with non woven polyester or polypropylene fabrics, perform well as waterproofing membranes and […]
Modified Bitumen Emulsions and Polyurethane resins are sprayed and brushed applied without the incorporation of reinforcements. Monitoring the thickness of […]
As per SANS 10400 any waterproofing system that is installed on roofs must be done by a competent person. It […]
As Per South African National Standards 10021 Any Coating Applied To Concrete Will Improve its water Tightness, But No Coating […]
Bottom Chord Also tie-beam. That part of the truss that forms the bottom edge, and connects the two heel joints, […]
Battern Small timber sections (usually 38×38 or 38×50) nailed across the top chord at small spacings to carry concrete tiles, […]