Concrete Roof Waterproofing

Keep away the leaks

SANS 10400

As per SANS10400 any waterproofing system that is installed on roofs must be done by a competent person. It is also important that the person doing the installation is satisfied that the materials used are appropriate for that particular application and should take into account- Degree of exposure, the waterproofing system will be subjected to – how much protection the waterproofing material will have. Must allow for movement The applicator must always take in consideration that outlets are always a potential problem. The applicator must must therefor pay close attention to the dressing outlets. If outlets aren’t the full boarded type, the outlets should be flanged so that the waterproofing can be done correctly.

Repairs we offer on a Concrete Roof-

Maintenance to Existing Waterproof System

Replacement of Torch On Waterproofing System

Fitment of New Outlets

Torch-On Waterproofing

As Per South African National Standards 10021 Any Coating Applied To Concrete Will Improve its water Tightness, But No Coating Or Brush Application Can Prevent Leaks If The Concrete Cracks Due To Movement


The Torch On Waterproofing System is the most trusted and proven system in the market. 100% guaranteed NO MORE LEAKS!! Consists of 3mm or 4mm heat fused roofing bitumen membrane which is applied for superior sealing. Comes with a 10 Year Guarantee (T & C’s apply) on materials and workmanship, backed up by the manufacturer.

Problematic Low Pitch Iron Roofs

Insulated Roof Cover System


For Low Pitch Iron Roofs A system that has been proven over time to convert problematic low pitch iron roofs, into a leak proof roof. Comes with a 10 Year Guarantee (T & C’s apply) on materials and workmanship, backed up by the manufacturer

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Tile Roofs

Tile Roofs are versatile and available in a wide range of different styles. We cater for a large range of various tiles available and can assist in repairing and maintaining your tile roof.

Repairs on tile roofs-

Broken Roof Tiles

Cracked ridge Tile Cement

Repairing of Valleys and Flahings

Rotten Timber

Undertile Waterproofing Insulation

Painting of roof

There is a need to install insulation to waterproof the roof. We will replace all broken and cracked tiles as well as repairing the insulation (Under tile Plastic) layer to prevent leaks.

We replace the cracked and loose ridge tile cement. We clean the valleys and flashings and install waterproofing insulation where necessary. We can also replace Fascia Boards and Barge Board. Any problematic tile roof, our skilled team will be able solve the problem.

Iron Roofs

Iron Roof are available in different profiles.  We can maintain, repair or replace all the different profiles, depending on your needs. JBC Roof Cover is fully equip to cater to the domestic and Industrial Market.

Repairs on Iron roofs-

Replace/Waterproof Roof Screws

Re-Secure open side laps

Repair and Waterproof Flashing

Repair Valleys

Replace Rusted Sheets

Sand and Treat roof against rust

Paint Roof

We can replace any damaged roof sheets and re-do an entire roof. JBC Roof Cover specializes not only in the replacement of roof sheeting, but can assist to repair and maintain as well. On an Iron roof, we clean out the Valleys and Flashings. The roof surface will be prepared and cleaned thoroughly and then we can waterproof all screws and laps. Then a new coat of paint can be applied and your roof will look as good as new

Iron Roof Repairs

Slate Roofing

Slate Roof is a natural tile, which will keep your roof, always looking natural. No other waterproofing products are necessary because a layer of Slatex is added below the tile to prevent leaks.

Repairs on Slate Roof-

Replacement of Broken Slates

Replacement of Undertile Waterproofing Insulation (Slatex)

Repair Ridge

Repair Valley

Repair Flashing

Slate Roofing is an expensive and specialized product. Due to this, the maintenance costs are in-line with the product which means that it will be an expensive roof to repair, unless a yearly inspection is performed. Identifying and fixing issues soon will prevent a larger expense in the future. We will endeavor to make this as affordable as possible.

Please note – Always use a slate roof specialist

Nutec Slate Tiles

Nutec Slate Tiles offers the same characteristics as the Natural Slate Roof Tiles. The difference between these is that Nutec Slate Roof is manufactured from fiber-cement, replacing the old Asbestos Fiber Slate Tiles. Due to not containing Asbestos, Nutec Slates do not pose and adverse effect on the environment including any cut-offs and dust created during site work.

Nutec Slate Roof is another expensive and specialized product. Yearly inspections are recommended to identify issues that can be repaired before becoming an expensive exercise. We will endeavor to make this as affordable as possible.

Please note – Always use a contractor that specializes in this product