Understanding your Roof

Understanding your Roof

Today we will be having a look at the Typical Truss of a roof.

Always make sure that you make use of trusses that are manufactured at a licensed truss plant, because the strength of your structure relies on the trusses that you use. Making sure that your trusses are reliable and good quality is crucial, to ensure your roof is safe and steady.

Your Roof Trusses consist of 3 main components:

  • Top Chords: Also known as rafters. That part of the truss, which forms the top edge, usually at a slope, and has the battens or purlins fixed to it to carry the roof covering
  • Bottom Chords: Also known as a tie-beam. That part of the truss that forms the bottom edge, and connects the two heel joints, usually flat, and supports the ceiling. Sloped in scissor trusses
  • Web: The truss members that connect the top and bottom chords, usually in a triangular pattern.

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