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I am a bit late with my response, however here some feedback on work done in December.

JBC Roof Cover has always been top with customer service with the initial call out and while work was in progress.

This service did not stop when the work was done as I have experienced continuous great Customer service +/- 2 thereafter and I would highly recommend the company’s services. I was expecting that the work that needed to be fixed was 2 or 3 sections of the roof (less than a quarter of the area) but to my surprise, the entire 500 sqm area was checked, fixed and painted.

Thank you Christie for exceptional service, the manner in which you handled this query was Professional. You are indeed an asset to JBC Roof Cover.

K Baatjes
Home Owner
Good afternoon Christie,

I would like to thank JBC Roof Cover for your excellent service.

Danny Boy, Patrick, Shorty & David were a fantastic team to have working on my roof. Each person had their specific tasks to do and each worked hard and appeared to be diligent.

The team who performed the work were great. They left my premises on Friday only when they had completely tidied up.

A big thank you to Rudi & Freddie who were so professional, thorough & knowledgable. They made me reliase that JBC Roof Cover was the way to go.

Thank-you to Gareth & Brandon who did regular checks on the progress being made. I have not doubt that with the job done by JBC Roof Cover, I will not be experiencing any further problems with my roof.

Thank-you at all of you, including Christie, for the fabulous service!

I have been asked for JBC Roof Cover’s contact details by two people I know, so hopefully this will mean additional business.

Thank You Guys.
Nicole Masztak
11 Jan 2019 - Updated on 14 Jan 2019
Hi Annetjie

Just wanted to thank you guys for exceptionally neat and tidy work.

Also thank you for finishing the work on time as quoted

Much appreciated
E Boshoff
Home Owner
Good day Christie

Hope you have received my notification of payment. Then I just want to thank JBC Roof Cover for goods service delivered.

a Special THANK YOU to Lemmy and his team, Cornelius, Frans and Godfrey for all their hard work. The roof looks amazing guys. Always friendly and professional. Inviting me every day to get up the ladder to see if I am happy with the progress of the roof.

Patrick the gutters , heita bra, ke hamonate.

Then I want to thank Rudi for the perfect colour choice. Then Johan, for all his assistance and great service, a real asset for JBC Roof Cover.

Thank you
M Kleynhas
Home Owner
Hi Christie

Thanks for the prompt service. I am super impressed with you guys and you will be first on my list for recommendations.

Home Owner
Hi Hester

The experience has been amazing. Very professional. My mum and gran were very impressed with the team and their work ethics. The end product was more than satisfactory. Both the roof and ceiling was neat and clean and everything was done as requested.

I am very happy.

But it was not just the team on site Hester, your service was also amazing. Your email responses were quick and informative.

Thank you, I will definitely be recommending JBC
Home Owner
Good day,

Our roof has been of great concern since a storm 2 years ago.

We have had continuous leaks where previous contractors repaired and sealed the roof! The frustration I cannot put in words. Numerous emails with pictures were sent to Absa.

Absa then appointed JBC to the claim. I am very pleased to report to you that Sipho and his team did an outstanding job. They worked fast and neat, nothing went missing and nothing broken. Everything was cleaned up afterwards.

Your team arrived early, and knew what to do!

The best is that we had a storm last night and NO LEAKS! We are really impressed with your knowledge, professionalism and punctuality!

Should we ever have a claim again, we would not be satisfied with any other contractor and would insist on having your company handle the situation.

Thank you for resolving this matter, we do appreciate it!

I will recommend JBC to all my friends, family and clients, may your company grow from strength to strength this year!

Kind regards
B Janse van Rensburg
Home Owner
Good afternoon

All the best for 2018……..

I just want to take a moment and thank the JBC team for the repair work done at my property.

The way your team presented themselves and the manner in which they conducted the repairs were exceptional and professional.

From the start when Divan came out to my property to do the quotation taking time to listen what was wrong and what must be attended to.

Shannon and team arriving to do the repairs on my roof keeping me informed and asking if all that was done are correct and acceptable.

Joel and team keeping me comfortable with the repairs inside my house and attending to all the details I requested and pointed out.

Patrick and team that went the extra mile working late to ensure the extra gutter I requested are installed same day.

Then lastly for Johan who made sure that all work were up to standard and done properly keeping me informed of what is to follow and even driving to Kroonstad to collect supplies needed for my patio.

What more can a satisfied customer say than thank you for the great team you send to my property to look after my needs and putting me at ease knowing I am in the save hands of competent skilled people that knows what to do and how to do it.

Again job well done and thank you for all the work done. All the best for 2018 and I will surely request and recommend your team for future work to my property and to friends.

Please convey this message to all your staff involved.

Mr. Breet
Home Owner
The team done a brilliant job!

It rained not long after the team left and let me tell you we had peace of mind for the first time since the bad storm. The best part is that there are no leaks in our roof.

Thank you again for an excellent job. Have a blessed day and please do stay in touch.

Regards and blessings,
C Pillay
Home Owner
Attention: Collette.
Refer our telecon at 15.20 on 2019. 03. 26 and my comments on JBC "Job Card - QJA0981 of the same date.
It was a wonderful experience to have met Trevor onsite to execute ceiling repairs to lounge #3 of my dwelling.
He displayed real professionalism through his:
* Introduction of himself and his team to me on arrival onsite.
* Ensuring correct understanding and agreement with me ( the client) of the required job to be carried out before commencing the work.
* Giving guidance to his team on care to be taken in the work execution.....e.g. floor covering, floor tile protection, removal of collapsed ceiling pieces, etc
* Ensuring work area cleaned up thoroughly on completion of the new ceiling installation and removal of associated rubble.
* Displaying most friendly disposition throughout of himself and his team.
In summary....wish there were more "Trevors" in the South African service industry.
My kindest regards to you ..and also to Trevor please.
Butch Bester ..2019.06.18.

Regards and blessings,
Butch Bester
Home Owner
Hi there

I would like to just say that my experience with JBC has been awesome. Their level of service and quality of work is just super amazing. Their staff are great and friendly and go out of their way to ensure a happy and satisfied customer.

One of the most professional, efficient and reliable service I have ever experienced.
R Kaka
Home Owner
Good day

Thank you for a great and professional team. The roof and passage looks great. Thumbs up for JBC!!

Kind regards
R Jacobs
Home Owner
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