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Our Guarantees

JBC Roof Cover provides Guarantees on all the work completed. Every service we offer, and carry out, includes a Guarantee to cover you in the event that anything goes wrong within the guarantee period.

 We pride ourselves on the work we do, and that doesn’t exclude any work that might need further attention in the near future. We are happy to address any problems with a promise that it’s handled fairly and honestly.



  • Under Tile
  • Roof Coatings 
  • Fascia Boards 



  • All Acrylic Membrane
  • Flashings
  • Valleys
  • Roof Tiles
  • Ridging
  • Subjected to a 3 Year Maintenance to be done by JBC Roof Cover


  • All Torch-On systems subject to a 3-year maintenance to done by JBC 

JBC Roof Cover can produce you with a compliance and work done guarantee that you can submit to your insurance company, subject to JBC Roof Cover doing the related work.

This benefits you if ever Guarantees become required and verifies that maintenance was carried out on your roof. This will ensure that if ever another Claim is to be placed, it will avoid repudiation of claims.

Care and Guarantee

  • We take extra care not to cause any damage to either the interior or exterior of the owners’ property during operation or completion.  We cannot take responsibility for bad weather (ex. Hail, Heavy Rain, Storm, etc.) accident or any other cause whatsoever during or after completion of said contract.
  • We are not electricians, we are not authorised to work on cables and wires. Although we take extreme care with all Electrical cables and wires, Alarm System cables and wires and DSTV cables and wires.  We cannot be held responsible for any damaged cause to any of the abovementioned cables and wires.
  • We do give a manufacturing guarantee on the colour bond gutters against rust, but the guarantee does not cover building movement, structural defect, rotten wood or algae and/or physical damages.
  • All materials supplied and fitted will remain the property of the company and ownership of in respect thereof will only pass to the customer when the contract price as stipulated has been paid in full.
  • Damage caused to the completed job arising from the work of other trades people (contractors) is the responsibility of the customer and cancellation of guarantee.
  • Our company will assure the customer of our best attention at all times.
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