Standard Ceiling

Standard Bishop Strip ceiling is a cost effective choice. It comes with a normal curved corner but a decorative cornice can be installed for a stylish finish.

The ceiling consists of a Steel Strip between two ceiling boards, in order to join the ceiling together.

Plastered Ceiling

Plastered Ceiling is a seamless finish. This design can be further complimented with a decorative cornice.

9.5mm Rhinoboard is used to ensure a level finish. If correctly installed and plastered, this ceiling will be durable well into the future

Knotty Pine

Knotty Pine is a wooden tongue-and-groove timber that fits into each other securely.

This ceiling can be vanished or painted in a colour of your choice.

IsoBoard Ceiling

IsoBoard is a high density polystyrene, manufactured in different thicknesses and lengths to suite your roofing needs. 

If you are seeking a ceiling solution that is also a great source of insulation, this would be the ceiling for you. It can create great thermal insulation for keeping heat in during the winter and keeping your home cool during the hot summer months.

Cornice Installation

Turn any wall-to-ceiling joint into a decorative design. Good quality can enhance a rooms atmosphere and marketability, increasing the value of your home/business.

Cornices an be installed over existing small cornices to save installation time. Moulded cornices can also be created to customize your look and give your home/business an artistic finish.

Check out NMC’s site for all the available designs.