Un-reinforced Liquid Applied System

Modified Bitumen Emulsions and Polyurethane resins are sprayed and brushed applied without the incorporation of reinforcements. Monitoring the thickness of application, to ensure that a thickness obtained is even. One also needs to take weather elements in to consideration. As per SANS 10021, any coating applied to concrete will improve its water tightness, but no … Read more


Waterproofing Keep away the leaks SANS 10400  As per SANS10400 any waterproofing system that is installed on roofs must be done by a competent person. It is also important that the person doing the installation is satisfied that the materials used are appropriate for that particular application and should take into account- Degree of exposure, … Read more

SANS 10021

As Per South African National Standards 10021 Any Coating Applied To Concrete Will Improve its water Tightness, But No Coating Or Brush Application Can Prevent Leaks If The Concrete Cracks Due To Movement

Bottom Chord

Bottom Chord Also tie-beam. That part of the truss that forms the bottom edge, and connects the two heel joints, usually flat, and supports the ceiling. Sloped in scissor trusses.


Battern Small timber sections (usually 38×38 or 38×50) nailed across the top chord at small spacings to carry concrete tiles, slates, metal tiles etc.

Understanding your Roof

Understanding your Roof Today we will be having a look at the Typical Truss of a roof. Always make sure that you make use of trusses that are manufactured at a licensed truss plant, because the strength of your structure relies on the trusses that you use. Making sure that your trusses are reliable and … Read more

Welcome To the JBC Roof Cover Blog

Welcome To the JBC Roof Cover Blog Welcome everyone to the Blog for JBC Roof Cover. Here we will be posting some informative information, that can educate and teach everyone things they might not have know about roofs. How many times do clients request quotes, but they do not really understand or grasp the full … Read more