Flat Concrete Roofs Torch On

The Torch On Waterproofing System is the most trusted and proven system in the market.

100% guaranteed NO MORE LEAKS!!

Consists of 3mm or 4mm heat fused roofing bitumen membrane which is blow-torched on for superior sealing.

Comes with a 10 Year Guarantee on materials and workmanship, backed up the manufacturer.


Insulated Roof Cover System
(Low Pitch and Iron Roof)

Not only is this a brilliant system to ensure that a low pitch iron roof doesn’t leak, but it also helps to keep your house cool in summer and warm in winter. This system also reduces the sound of rain falling on your roof.

No need to remove your existing roof structure, meaning that it’s an upgrade that fits every roof type.

This system comes with a 10 Year Guarantee on materials and workmanship. 


Certified Repairers and Waterproofers

Iron Roof Cover

With Iron Roofs, it’s important to make sure your iron roof is in good condition, free of rust and that all screws are intact.

All side laps and screws can be waterproofed with a membrane waterproofing system to ensure no more further damage or future leaks.

This system comes with a 2 Year Guarantee on materials and workmanship.


Tile Roof Cover System

With low pitch style roofs it’s important to replace the under-tile waterproofing insulation to ensure no leaks. 

Cracked ridge tile cement needs replacing to avoid leaks. Broken roof tiles need replacing including all rotten timber to ensure roof is in perfect order.

Cleaning of valleys and flashings should happen regularly.

Comes with a 2 Year Guarantee on materials and workmanship.


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